What the Critics are saying

“Disgusting, transgressive, and absolutely bonkers, Jonathan Straiton’s NIGHT OF SOMETHING STRANGE will be the most jaw-dropping horror offering you’ll see all year!”


“Without a doubt Night of Something Strange is the cleverest, funniest horror film of 2016!”


“Tons of splattery goodness,chuckles and gore come thick and fast ensuring a fun ride to the genuinely side-splitting ending!”

Dead Central

“Night of Something Strange is an absolute riot! It is offensive. It is demented. Disgusting. Depraved. Everything hard-core horror fans desire. It is the best crowd-pleasing film for the late night crowd ever. It  dominates its own space like a perverted cross between Evil Dead and Blood Feast!”

Gruesome Magazine

The Official Label of the Motion Picture "Night of Something Strange." Scream Easy is a subsidiary of our independent film production company Hurricane Bridge Entertainment. 

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